Managing an event needs vital organizational and managerial skills. Understanding the significance of reliability factor when its events, Madar Group has developed a talent pool, targeted for planning, decision making, designing, venue selection, dealing with guests, Media management, security systems and technicality.



An event is successful when it fulfills all the requirements of a client no matter, if its brand identity, marketing a product or customer relationships at a competent price. So promotions play a vital role in the success rate of an event. As an expert in the field of events and productions Madar Group has significantly marketed the events which were organized by them so far. A name you can trust to get the best results.



With the vast experience that we posses in the field of events, we are able to mange the best services of professional dancers, hosts, celebrities etc. according to needs of our client.


On par with the latest technologies, we offer mind boggling laser shows which are complex, fragile and well equipped with a carefully designed security system.


An event progresses in many phases. Organizing an event is a challenge to deliver the right effect that our customer pays for and it depends on everyone in the crew does what. At Madar we make sure that the goal of a particular event has been completely understood by everyone and does the best to accomplish it.


Integration of lighting, laser and waterscape with world’s music master pieces make the Musical aquatics a great experience. The dazzling stage lighting design and overwhelming audio visual effects will make your show an unforgettable event.


Let it be your home, office, business centre or the venue that you select for your event, it stands out reflecting your brand and create the WOW factor in your audience. We blend the music and light with the high end projectors and the experienced professionals with the right understanding of technology.


Special pyrotechnics have been performed by professionals trained in German technologies and have been in the industry for many years. We take outmost care regarding security and is confident about the latest technologies that we posses.



Consultancy for Shows and Events

Madar shall provide consultancy and coordinate all activities and set up in partnership with the 'Committee'.

Project Management

Budget frame allocation :

To agree with client on the total budget frame for the celebrations / events and segregate the budget to different venues, centers of attraction.

• Recommend and select suitable venues.
• Prepare the qualification criteria’s of events companies and contractors.
• To insure that the themes and general concepts are properly implemented.
• To insure that the local /Islamic and Arabic traditions are preserved.
• To insure the quality of event .
• Review and check the technical specifications and Securing local Authority permissions

Major Events Consultancy and Management

The Benefits :

• Reduce the cost by selecting the required systems and elements and the right prices.

• Selecting quality contractors.

• For better results we shall help the contractors to deliver the best quality by providing advices. Project managements and logistic services.

• Higher quality events : by providing the artistic and quality management .

• Preserving the national values by providing advice and controlling the performance


Artistic and Quality Management

• Concepts and theme for each event

To develop a theme / general concept for each event which falls under the general strategies of the client by out sourcing professional companies in this field

• Main jingles / songs which will be build around the slogan and the main theme shall be used in those events

• Creativity control

To encourage contractors to use creative / genuine ideas, elements and performers which serves the events?


For international and some local contractors, we shall provide the logistics services such as:

• Shipping and clearance.
• Local NOC from local Authorities.
• Local transportation and accommodation.
• Visas ( in coordination with the client )
• Arranging power supply and generators.
• Arranging man lifting means
• Allocating local suppliers for systems.